Tova Avrech

Chief Health Officer
The Israel Dairy Board 




Dr. Tova Avrech as of 2005 is the Chief Health Officer at the The Israel Dairy  Board and also practicing Dental Surgeon.

She recived her B.M.Sc on 1981 and her D.M.D. at 1985 both  from the Hadassah Medical School Hebrew University, Jerusalem. 

Dr. Avrech served between the years 2002-2004 as the Chairman of the Board, CEO at Tara Dairy in Israel. Her responsabilities were:

  • Tara is the third largest manufacturer of dairy products in Israel, with over 600 workers.
  • Sales in 2002-2003 were over $100 million/ year, including export to the USA and Western Europe.
  • Conducting negotiations with Israeli and international candidates in search of strategic and financial investors in the dairy; successfully completed sale to The Central Bottling Company, Israel).

As of 2005 she is serving as the Chief Health Officer at the The Israel Dairy Board.  Her responsabilities are:         

  • Research and strategic planning- Antagonism to milk
  • Chairman of a scientific research fund (budget of 500,000 shekels per year). Main objective of research – "The Contribution of Milk and Dairy Products to Human Health" in cooperation with the Chief Scientist of The Ministry of Health.
  • Risk Management of the Israeli Dairy Sector (including preparation for National Security Emergencies).
  • Director - International Dairy Federation