Zvi Roth

Department of Animal Sciences
The Faculty of Agriculture
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 



Zvi Roth received his education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot. He did postdoctoral research at Pete J. Hansen Laboratory, University of Florida USA. He was appointed as research assistant professor at the department Animal Science, the Faculty of Agriculture in 2004 and appointed as professor in June 2016. He is leading a 'Reproductive Physiology' group which study the effect of environmental thermal stress on oocyte competence and embryonic development. In the framework of the Hebrew University Center of Excellence in Agriculture and Environmental Health, he leads a Reproductive Toxicology research program that deals with the risks associated with exposure of bovine oocyte and sperm to environmental toxins. He is a recognized leader in the fields of Reproductive Physiology and Embryology in Dairy Cows. He has co-authored over 80 publications, 2500 citations, h-index = 22. 


Session/debate: Heat stress and reproduction 

Moderator: Zvi Roth, Israel

Briefing: Can we reduce the negative impact of heat stress on fertility? 

Israel Flamembaum: Use of hormonal treatments and environmental cooling can revert the decline

Adriano Seddon: Genetic can help reduce heat stress