Ofir Benjamin

Lecturer and Researcher
Food Science Department
Tel Hai College



Dr. Ofir Benjamin is a lecturer and researcher at the Food science department in Tel Hai College. His field specialties deal with food sensory and the relation with different food systems (e.g., Dairy, Olive oil, postharvest fruits). Ofir completed his BSc (cum laude) at Food engineering at the Technion university, Haifa. Later he continued to master degree at one of the leading universities in the world for food and agriculture science called Wageningen University in the Netherlands.  The MSc degree was in a dairy science specialization. Last he received his PhD from Otago University in New Zealand with a collaboration work with Fraunhofer Institute in Freising Germany. His PhD thesis dealt with aroma release from emulsion and beverage drinks under oral processing conditions.

In Tel Hai he manages the new food sensory using novel equipment such as the electronic tongue and nose together with conventional sensorial analytical instruments such as GC-MS, UHPLC and Texture analyzer.  His latest work dealt with taste profile of salt reduced cheeses and olive oil quality standard using advanced techniques. Ofir coordinates couple of courses including dairy science, food sensory evaluation, product development and advanced food technology.

On top of that he is highly active in promoting a master plan to establish the first national food and nutrition innovation research institute in the north of Israel – the galilee. In his vision, the institute will serve as a bridge platform between the industry and the academy to create a new hub for food-tech in Israel. This institute will attract both researchers and industry, investors and start-up companies deal with healthy food, food technology, functional and medical food.