Robert Smith

Institute of Veterinary Science
University of Liverpool




Rob graduated in Veterinary Science from the University of Liverpool in 1989 after also obtaining a degree in biochemistry.

He cut his clinical teeth in mixed practice in mid-Wales before returning to PhD studies in neuroendocrinology.

He joined the Farm Animal lecturing staff in 1997. He is involved in undergraduate and post-graduate teaching and clinical practice, including being Course Director of the Diploma in Bovine Reproduction MSc course.

He has a research interest in the effect of stress, such as lameness and negative energy balance, on reproduction, Neospora abortion and digital dermatitis.

He is part of a group at Liverpool undertaking research to identify the drivers for antibiotic use in farm animals and speaks on therapeutics and responsible use of antibiotics to Veterinary and farming audiences.

He has practical experience in herd management and monitoring of high yielding dairy cows and is increasingly involved in knowledge exchange projects and farm scale research as the lead academic in the Tesco Dairy Centre of Excellence, and working with animal nutrition companies such as ForFarmers and Zinpro.

He sits on the Food Standards Agency Advisory committee on Animal Feedstuffs. 


Session/debate: How fertile can we get our cows to be?

Briefing: The target pregnancy rate in dairy cows is frequently cited as 25%. Can this seemingly low target be significantly increased?

Robert Smith In Favour: Hormonal treatments, genetics and better nutrition have shifted the downward spiral

Session/Debate: Can we successfully prevent metabolic disease?

Briefing: Much focus is devoted to metabolic disease in the transition period. Can we prevent it without resorting to significant inputs in supplements or expensive preventive strategies?

Robert Smith In Favour of: Nutrition